Evander Kane & San Jose Sharks settle contract grievance by DJ Hamilton


   Over the last year, the San Jose Shark’s former forward Evander Kane has had to go through getting released from the team and sexual assault allegations. Kane was waived back in January, but it was reported by ESPN reporter Greg Wyshynski (https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/34604714/evander-kane-san-jose-sharks-settle-contract-grievance) that the former Sharks forward and the organization have settled a grievance over his contract extension from last season before the contract went into arbitration.

The NHL Players Association (NHLPA) filed a grievance on behalf of Kane back in January, when the forward was released by the Sharks due to Kane violating the COVID-19 protocols and breaching his contract. He was in the fourth year of his seven-year, $49 million deal.

Kane was owed $19 million from his contract by the Sharks over the last three seasons, which is the reason for the settlement. He signed a three-year, $16.5 million contract extension with the Edmonton Oilers this offseason after his signing with the team last season after being terminated by the Sharks.

The Sharks organization issued a statement on Saturday: "The agreement has been approved by the NHL and the NHL Players' Association, we are satisfied that its terms will not adversely impact the team, either financially or competitively, in this or future seasons."

The discourse between Kane and the Sharks began at the beginning of last season when he was investigated by the NHL because his estranged wife Anna Kane said the forward had been betting on NHL games and was “obviously throwing games to win money.”  I did an article around the time of the investigation (https://www.djssportsshow.com/post/evander-kane-facing-sexual-assault-and-domestic-battery). The NHL stated they found no evidence to support the claims.

The league then decided to not allow Kane to take part in training camp with the Sharks and concluded that "the allegations of domestic abuse made against Kane by his estranged wife could not be substantiated." Things only got worse, though, as he was convicted of violating the COVID-19 protocol last October, which caused the league to levy a 21-game suspension against Kane.

During this past season with the Oilers, Kane, 31, scored 39 points in 43 games and had 13 goals in 15 playoff games. With a new season approaching, can Kane avoid the off-the-rink troubles that have been self-inflicted? We will have to see this season, as the Oiler’s season opens up with an exhibition game against the Winnipeg Jets on September 25.