Esports Pod Made Available to All High Schools on Native American Land

Esports Pod Made Available to All High Schools on Native American Land (By: Frank Rocha)

Sports Media, Inc. seeks to create accessibility of the Esports Pod to all high schools on Native American land. Each high school will receive enough pods to match their needs. Each pod has a tri-screen monitor display, adjustable gaming chair, an in-unit Wi-Fi system, attached pedals for versatile gameplay, a mounted webcam for recording and streaming purposes, and many panels for sponsorship display. 

The pod standardizes competition so that talent determines the true outcome. This eliminates all advantages that players may have regarding internet speeds and optimal equipment. Another advantage for having an Esports Pod would be the feature of not requiring necessary rewire within a building for high-speed internet access for an esports tournament. High speed Wi-Fi is included in each pod, with all computers and monitors/screens hooked up and ready before every tournament. The Esports Pod is a plug and play away before every use. 

The internet offered for the Esports Pod uses the same internet service that training facilities, for both the Esports League and Evil Genius, use in each pod. Using Comcast internet will update schools that have been dealing with issues regarding internet connectivity and limited internet access for their students.

The purpose for the Esports Pod introduction into high schools will assist more young people earn entrance into colleges with scholarships, from money raised at Esports tournaments and education. Sports Media, Inc. seeks to provide educational programs, digital learning, and in-house competitive video games that produce engagement and help students become more interested in esports using the Esports Pod. Sports Media, Inc. introduced the Esports Pod at first to high school and college tournaments to also increase awareness of esports and fan interaction. 

Sports Media, Inc. has reached out to 34 universities who currently offer scholarships for esports, asking each school to set aside one or two scholarships for students of Native American descent. This will be accomplished in hopes of introducing more Native Americans into esports and helping them achieve their own goals. 

The individuals that excel at esports within these schools can be offered scholarships for college admission. Most esports scholarships currently offer from $500-$8,000 annually, but some schools are offering full tuition scholarships as esports continue to grow. As of today, 192 colleges participate in the National Association of Collegiate Esports.


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