NFL relaxes COVID restrictions to have NFL Combine in fear of boycott by DJ Hamilton


    The NFL’s National Invitation Camp to their annual NFL Combine just recently announced they will be relaxing their COVID-19 restrictions that were going to require attendees to be in a bubble throughout the event. But a lot of backlash came once it was reported 155 prospects would boycott the event due to those restrictions, which definitely caused the NFL to reverse their initial rules. 

More than 300 players are estimated to be attending the Combine, which starts next week Tuesday. Prospects will not be required to be vaccinated and will only be tested for COVID if they show any symptoms. This is the NFL’s first Combine since 2020, with last year’s being canceled due to the pandemic, and no vaccines available yet to the public. 

The NFL Combine will still continue to have its regular combine events of the 40-yard dash, bench presses, and numerous other drills performed in front of NFL personnel. It will be interesting to see how things go throughout the combine as mask mandates and COVID restrictions are starting to lessen in some states.